Thursday, July 2, 2009

Skillet AGAIN!

So, being a die-hard Skillet fan sure does have it's perks. Because I preordered their new album Awake, I got a free one-year subscription to their fan club, The Panheads. Members get to access to pre-sale tickets to their upcoming "Alive and Awake" tour, and the first 10 tickets purchased for each show get a free "meet and greet" with Skillet before the show! Of course, I was totally excited and immediately asked a certain someone if she would see Skillet again with me. Well, they just went on pre-sale at exactly 3:00, and you can bet that I snagged two tickets to the show in Fort Wayne! I'm so excited right now...I get to meet Skillet in person!!

There are very few things that I would pay premium prices for without a trace of hesitation. This is one of them.

Speaking of buying things, I bought (or rather, was given a gift of) an authentic Argentinian yerba maté drinking gourd and straw. So now I just need some maté to go with it. I found one place online where I can get 2 kilos for $20 including shipping. I suppose that should last me a while, eh?


etd said...

Cool that you got a yerba matte gourd. How many times have you seen Skillet?

denaje said...

I was trying to figure that out.

1. LIFest
2. Allegen County Fair
3. Indy '09

...I think it's only 3 times. Once before Comatose and twice on the Comatose tour. The Alive and Awake Tour should make #4.

Anthony Rajaonarivony said...

Yay for Skillet! Hook me up with Jen!