Saturday, July 4, 2009

OM - Day 34

Well, I arrived in Montevideo with all my luggage. I slept on the bus, even though it wasn't the greatest sleep ever. The two entertainment movies were The Bucket List and Slumdog Millionaire, neither of which I could hear very well, but that's ok.

Montevideo is quite nice. Even though it's cold, there's at least some heat via a wood-burning stove and some electric heaters. I have my own room and am responsible for my own food, which is kinda nice. Edgardo gave me some maté before I left, so I'm planning on having some while I'm here in Uruguay. In Argentina, they drink maté con palo (with stems), but here in Uruguay they drink it sin palo (without stems). To an experienced maté drinker, there are differences, but for now I'll stick with what I've got. I have Argentinian maté, so it should be slightly less potent than sin palo.

I'm quite impressed at the operation in Uruguay, although many things are broken that require "attention". Their server needs more RAM, the wireless doesn't work, the printer is networked through one of the computers (so that computer always has to be on), and one of the computer's hard drives is completely full. Looks like I've got my work cut out for me!

Argentina pictures should be uploaded later today. I still need to get them organized and a couple more panoramas made. :)

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