Friday, July 10, 2009

OM - Day 40

Well, I had quite an adventure today.

Yesterday I started feeling a little sick, but it wasn't too much. Today was a bit worse, though. I had an uncontrollable runny nose all day and a fever of 39 degrees (that's about 102 Fahrenheit for you Americans). After lunch I decided that I couldn't work anymore and I needed to rest. A little while later, Richard came to take me to the hospital, just to make sure it's not anything serious. So 4 of us went to the hospital, spent a couple hours there, and had an interesting time trying to communicate. I really need to learn Spanish. Anyways, the doctor said that I just have a cold, but that I need to stay in Uruguay for 5 more days. I was already planning on arriving in Brazil by bus early Monday morning, but now I am probably going to fly to Brazil on Tuesday or Wednesday and then catch my flight to Atlanta. I'm currently researching the cheapest option and getting in touch with the USA people to see what they think is the best option.

Whatever happens, I still plan on being back home (for relative definitions of "home") in less than a week, and then being truly home in two weeks. I'm happy about that. Thank you for your prayers, they have certainly helped!

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