Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ext4 and Cinnamon Rolls

I believe I have successfully migrated my reiserfs root partition to ext4, and I created a separate ext3 /boot partition. I had much trouble with the kernel crashing, but then upgrading to 2.6.30-r4 fixed that (no idea why). Then, I had problems with gcc going all segfault on me all the time, which is not good news if you know anything about Gentoo. So I reformated my new root partition and copied over all the files using the tar method, and then it's been working ever since. Once I'm entirely confident that I can trash my old partition, all that space is going towards my new ext4 partition, because that was the issue in the first place...running out of room on /.

AND I'm eating an Amish-made Butter Iced Cinnamon Roll from Shipshewana. It's SO DELICIOUS!

I also can't find our soldering iron and am considering buying one for myself. I'm not sure if I want to spend $20 though. I don't think I do...

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Robert said...

Everyone needs a soldering iron. I've debated buying another since my dad's aren't the greatest. (then again i am a cpe)