Thursday, July 16, 2009

OM - Day 46

Well, I'm back. Back in Atlanta.

I was so blessed to meet with Austin Brown yesterday afternoon in the Sao Paulo airport and spend a couple hours catching up with him before I left for my trip back to the States. The flight from Sao Paulo to Mexico City was very was a Boeing 777, so there was lots of headroom, comfy seats, video on demand, and two (surprisingly good) meals.

Upon arriving in Mexico and going through customs, I spent a long time just sitting around, writing emails, reading, and watching planes taxi to the gates. I remembered that I still had 200 Mexican Pesos, so I managed to buy a bottled water from Starbucks and a souvenir from one of the shops. Funny story...the bottled water cost $18, and I gave the guy $200. He gave me back $2 as if I gave him a 20 Peso bill instead of a 200 bill. I'm not sure if he was trying to cheat me or if it was an honest mistake, but I caught him and he ended up giving me the correct change. :) I was dumb and used English though...I should have talked to him in Spanish, which I was fully capable of. Oh well, I got my money and managed to buy something else with it.

My flight to Atlanta was cramped, but it was shorter. I didn't really get to sleep much on either of the flights, so I'm just running on caffeine right now. They don't have Mountain Dew in South America, but they do here!! It's so wonderful. They also have plenty of hot water here, which I already used to make myself feel much cleaner.

I'll get an updated support report tomorrow, so I can let you know how much I have yet to raise. It's still probably a good bit...

Anyways, I haven't slept in two days and I'm really tired, so tomorrow I will work on sleeping, uploading Uruguay pictures, and writing a recap of my trip with as many details as I can remember. Stay tuned, there's still more!

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