Monday, June 8, 2009

OM - Day 8

Good visa arrived much sooner than expected! It got here on Saturday, so that was a huge relief. I have all my papers and passports, and I should be good to go to Mexico on Saturday. I'm kinda nervous about going through customs, especially since my first customs visit will be Mexican customs, and I will be transporting a bunch of electronic equipment in my suitcase that we just got today. Packing will be very interesting. I'll have several hard drives, dvd-rw drives, a couple of routers, and more odds and ends. Fortunately, I won't be taking the laptops with me (of which 4-5ish work now!). Turns out that the two laptops that I thought were the same model (and switched keyboards on) turned out to be ever so slightly different. Between these two, one has a broken keyboard and one has a broken monitor, and neither of them are easily fixable. Hopefully, some use can be made of them. Please keep the whole team in prayer as we figure out what to pack, what to leave, how to get from place to place, and how to do it quickly and efficiently.

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Robert said...

I'll be praying!