Wednesday, June 3, 2009

OM - Day 3

I checked this afternoon and my Brazilian visa has been processed, approved, and ready for shipment! With next-day U.S.P.S. shipping, it should arrive here probably by Friday, and I'd guess no later than Monday! This is great news, because yesterday I bought my ticket to Mexico for June 13.

At the office, I've been working on some old laptops--trying to get Ubuntu installed on them. Most of them have awful problems, and they are all very old. One's screen doesn't work, one's cd drive is unreliable, one isn't booting from the cd even though it says it can (plus Windows is corrupt, so there's no way of doing anything with it), and another one uses a European power supply, so I need to get a converter from the guy next door.

On another note, I froze my laptop battery for 24 hours and cycled it about 4 times to see if that would get it to hold more of a charge. (I read about this procedure on the internet.) Good news is, I think it actually worked! It can still only hold a charge for maybe half an hour, but if you've seen how long my battery lasted before, that's not so bad. Should I try it again or leave it alone? I don't want to be killing my battery now that it's almost usable again.

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