Saturday, May 23, 2009

Post-School Happenings

Another school year is finished, finally! For once I was actually looking forward to the end of the school year. Still, I think I'm going to miss everyone at Taylor until I go back. Fortunately I get to see lots of people at Robert's wedding tomorrow. Yikes! Robert's getting married tomorrow! That's so cool!

Anyways, I have been completely exhausted the past two days. I have been packing and unpacking carloads of stuff and carrying things up and down multiple flights of stairs. We (Jessica and I) didn't end up getting home (her house) until 1:30am two nights ago, and yesterday and today have been crazy with work. Today is her sister's graduation party, so we've been getting that all set up for today, which I am taking a break from now.

I have another week before I fly out to Atlanta, and then another two weeks before I fly to Mexico City for OM. I plan on updating here as often as I can, so visit back for updates.

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