Saturday, May 16, 2009

Quick Update

I attended my last class of my Junior year yesterday. About 10 people showed up. Only one more week of exams, most of which are on Monday. I also managed to finish all my homework and projects, save for one: implementing immediate files in Minix 3. Fortunately, I have until Wed. to finish this, and I feel like I'm awfully close already.

I also got around to backing up bunches of stuff on my external hard drive as well as installing an updated version of Rockbox on my iPod. Hopefully it'll fix some of the strange bugs I've been noticing. I also wrote a nice perl script to automatically mount my iPod, because it can show up in different device nodes depending on the order I plug it in to my computer. I should probably take it out of /etc/fstab then, so I don't accidentally mount something else to /mnt/ipod...hooray for Gentoo!

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