Wednesday, May 6, 2009


  • Teehee. It's just fun to say.
  • The best way to prevent yourself from getting distracted by video games is to demolish the MBR on your Windows partition, giving the only backup and all your Windows cds to someone whom you trust. Watching GRUB trying to boot it is funny...
  • Star Trek comes out tomorrow! 7pm, at an IMAX in Indy! It is SO going to be worth it, and I'm excited.
  • Minix does not use GCC, nor is there any information on the internet about "selector zones" or why a perfectly legitimate line of C fusses about them.
  • Getting the very last waffle cone at Cellar's open house is pretty cool. Good timing!
  • Going on walks with cute girls is fun. (s/girls/girl and s/fun/extremely fun/)
  • xkcd is hilariously funny this week. (updates every day, and has Firefly jokes!)

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