Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Today is the release of Skillet's new live album, Comatose Comes Alive. I preordered it, and it arrived today. I watched a few minutes before I was torn away to go to class, and I must say that it is AMAZING! It's exactly like the concert except that I was sitting comfortably, there weren't hoards of sweaty people all around me, it wasn't blistering hot, my knees weren't aching, and it wasn't blow-your-eardrums-out loud (although that last one can be easily fixed). It's incredible. I feel that no one can claim to be alive until they've experienced a Skillet concert, even if it's on a DVD.

Skillet accompanied the release of their live album with a Facebook note, and I thought I'd share some of what they said. After mentioning that their last tour went really well, that they are in pre-production on a new album, and that they will have a live studio webcam set up, he had this to say:

I feel I have to say at least something about whats' been going on in the world of politics and our economy. I won't go into any details or share any of my views, but I just want to encourage everyone to be in prayer. Pray for our nation, that it would be honoring to God. Pray for our potential leaders and our current leaders that they would have wisdom in leading our nation. Pray for God's light to be seen, that amidst the craziness of everything going on, there would be a light of hope and peace shining through. I've been watching the news a lot lately and I can only imagine how easy it is for people to become afraid of what "could happen". What we need to remember is there is a God who is in control. No matter what government official is in charge. No matter what drop or bailout is going on in the economy. We can know a deep peace that transcends all understanding.

-Benjamin Judah

This perfectly paralleled what Dr. Habecker said in chapel today: that we should not have cause to worry because God is in control. I guess I don't have much to add to that, but it can be a great reminder of encouragement if you've got something on your mind worrying you, whether it's the economy or grad school or relationships or what have you. Have a good day, world.

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