Saturday, October 4, 2008

Make It So, Number One

For those who don't know, I now have no hair. It's pretty weird. I've had it really short before, but never this short. My head gets a little chilly, but I guess that's what hats are for. So far I've gotten compared to two major figures; when I wear my glasses they say I look like Gandhi, and when I don't I look like Jean-Luc Picard, which is perhaps the greatest compliment I have ever received.

I was at the movie store in Muncie today and contemplated purchasing the entire Star Trek decology (all 10 movies), but then looked at the price tag. So instead I bought Star Trek IV (perhaps the best out of the 10) and War of the Worlds for $12. I don't like Tom Cruise as a person that much, but I really like many of his movies and do think he's a good actor.

I bought wire coat hangers and used one to fashion a clip for Matilda (my lightsaber). I can now carry it around on my belt or pocket and leave my other hands free for Vera (my modded Nerf gun) and...other stuff. The current game of assassins has claimed 3 lives so far--I shall not be one of them! (+5 geek points to those who know where Vera comes from.)

Sonic FTW. That place is pretty awesome. chkdsk is also pretty awesome. So far it has saved the same laptop twice. I have a feeling the hard drive on that thing is going to die soon. Speaking of dying, my car is about to explode. The muffler fell off last week so it's loud and I don't trust the sounds it's making anymore. At least I got to see a palindrome on the odometer on the way back from the airport today! It passed 211,112 miles. I also named her today. She is now known as Debris (pronounced deb-riss).

Eh, what else is new? We have Airband practice tonight. They have apparently been working on new choreography and I can't wait to see it. We are going to rock the show. Time to eat another chunk of cookie dough and see who's on the floor for open house.


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Apparently the I.T. people at university of michigan don't even know what chkdsk is... I have to say it is a handy program.