Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Break and Other Goodies

Alas, fall break has ended and we're back in the swing of things. I'm quite proud of myself for going from 3pm Wednesday to about 3pm Sunday without doing anything that could be considered productive. I slept, watched lots of movies (2001: A Space Odyssey, The Italian Job, War of the Worlds, X-Men 2, and maybe a couple more), and even played some video games. Of course, all the sleep that I caught up on over the weekend was worthless because I had a late night doing homework Sunday night (~3 1/2 hours of sleep, plus a nap during chapel). Oh well.

We had our first ever co-ed Casino FOSO in the Gerig lounge, complete with a full service bar, three tables of Texas Hold 'em, and paparazzis. I borrowed Mike's camera and went on a shooting spree; see Facebook for pictures of the glamorous event.

I recently read the most amazing short story for World Lit. "The Fortune Teller" by Joaquim Machado de Assis. I can't say much of what it's about without giving everything away, but the ending is great (meaning most people would probably hate it).

In other news, after adamantly refusing to go on the pick-a-date on Friday, I promptly changed my mind. It involves eating at the Flat Top Grill and playing laser tag afterwards. I don't think it's very date-esque or at all conducive for people getting to know each other, but it'll still be great fun. And since when are pick-a-dates supposed to resemble real dates anyways? Perhaps that should be an entirely different post...I feel like I could draw out a lengthy post out of that topic (I'm very opinionated, what can I say?).

Lastly, I have discovered the second best waste of time in all my years of existence: N. N is a flash game where you are this little ninja and you try to get to the door by flipping switches and avoiding killer robots. There are 500 levels (hence the great potential for waste of time). My roommate discovered it a couple years ago but it has taken me until now to start playing. But nothing beats the ultimate waste of time ever...*drumroll*...watching an entire episode of Hypnotoad from the Futurama movie DVD. I am proud to say that I have watched the entire thing, but that was literally the least productive time in my life. I do not recommend it.

I think that's about all. Stay tuned for more updates in the life of Zekky.

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