Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ode to Wengatz

O how I love your tantalizing beauty, hidden,
Your walls grand and majestic.
Your non-curvaceous corners
Extrude in painful remorse
Of times long swept away
By those undeserving of feeling.
O how I desire to run to you one hundred footfalls far,
Gently caressing your ungentled brick.
Then turning, swiftly,
Eager to leave you standing as before
With evanescent fingerprints soon to be
Washed away by the ocean's farthest reaches.
O Wengatz,
May you ne'er see the day that
Your fine walls crumble.
May you ne'er see your spirit emptied
Or regrets of a youthful self
Caught up in frisbees and undefinable behavior.
Always will your exterior live in my heart
As a place of brief respite
From the terrifying memories that
Await me in the Gerig lounge.
Live long and prosper.

Inspired by the first Wengatz run of the year, in pouring rain, on 8 September 2008.


John said...

What terrible memories in the Gerig lounge?!

Hannah Rose said...

Jesse, you made me laugh. You are incredible.