Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Birthing, breathing, growing.
Seeing, smelling, tasting, feeling.
Knowing, growing, enjoying, living, rebirthing.
Changing, being, wondering, observing, differentiating, fitting, planning, finding, discovering.
Realizing, separating.
Drawing, thinking, secluding, wishing, wondering, burning.
Hating, loving, hating, questioning, dying.
Dying, surviving, breathing.
Recovering, stagnating, reducing, moving, beginning.
Refreshing, learning, coping, sensing, hoping, refining, finding, missing.
Waiting, worshiping, breaking, deciding, working, tiring, building, sleeping, gaining.
Greeting, meeting, listening, longing, living, loving, falling.
Falling, falling, smiling, feeling, falling, abandoning, hoping, desiring, crashing.
Crying, asking, pondering.
Changing, planning.
Reading, rising, soaring.
Suffocating, telling, breathing, missing, wanting, rushing, lying, deceiving.
Receiving, regretting, despairing, losing.
Asking, thinking, finishing, surviving, living, hating.
Seeking, praying.
Observing, liking, talking, wondering, asking, regretting.
Playing, talking, moving, thanking.
Trying, failing, retrying.
Contemplating, trusting, searching.

I'm not sure if you can even call this a poem, and it was not necessarily inspired by anything except my desire to write a poem using only verbs-each one of which is particularly placed and has significant meaning.


John said...

I would like to direct your attention to this article:


denaje said...

By "verbs" I meant "simple-present verbs". I'm sorry you don't like it, but that's the way I wanted to do it. I had a very good reason.