Friday, December 19, 2008

JScreensaver v0.2 Released

It's been several hours in the making (far too long), but I am now releasing version 0.2 of my custom-built screensaver. That's right, you saw it here first!

It's called JScreensaver. It's a small little Perl script that displays pictures on your screen like a slideshow. What makes this different from your mom's screensaver is that you can vote pictures "up" or "down" using the arrow keys to alter the frequency that the pictures occur. So if you don't like looking at that random picture of Susie throwing up eggnog, you can vote it down once or thrice and it won't show up as often. Likewise, you can vote up your mom's picture and you'll see it more frequently.

    - Linux-based operating system*
    - Perl interpreter with SDL bindings (not hard to just need the libsdl-perl package)
    - A bunch of pictures you don't mind using for a screensaver

    - Specify directory of pictures to display
    - Change delay between pictures
    - Set desired screen resolution
    - Show pictures in random order
    - Change how much the voting affects picture frequency

Download link:

Yes, this is what I've been doing over break. All I need now is a script to download everyone's Facebook pictures...

* Sorry Windows users, you're just too difficult. (It may theoretically be possible to port it to Windows, but it would take a lot of motivation and time and resources.) It has the potential to work on Mac OS X, but special libraries have to be manually downloaded and installed. It's possible that a future release will include a Mac version of the screensaver as well.

This software is licensed under the WTHPL. The author claims absolutely no responsibility for anything that happens as a result of running or not running this software.

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Hannah Rose said...

Merh!! I wanted to try. Silly linux.