Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Facebook Pictures

I wrote myself another sweet Perl script. This time, it automatically logs into Facebook, finds all my "friends", and downloads everyone's pictures. It searches through people's albums and downloads every picture from every album from every "friend" (including profile pictures). Creepy? Yes. Super-wicked-awesome? Very yes!*

For those who like numbers...

"Friends" on Facebook: 155
Total pictures: 56495
Size of downloaded material: 3.1 GB
Most number of pictures: Hannah Rose (3472)
Least number of pictures: Dr. Geisler (0)
Average number of pictures: 364
Median number of pictures: 138

Thanks Hannah for that great outlier.

* Frankly, you should have seen this coming. If you don't want me to see your pictures, you should either have 1) Not uploaded them to a public place like Facebook or 2) Not added me as your friend. It's all your fault, I swear.


Hannah Rose said...

oh wow.

i like pictures? haha.

and i thought you weren't on facebook anymore...

Jeremy Erickson said...

As Hannah just mentioned, you said you quit Facebook. What's up?

(Oh, and I really don't mind if you can see my pictures. I haven't actually posted any myself except profile pictures, but all the pictures other people posted of me are public.)

Anonymous said...

Well, I have heard Jesse mention before that he has some mysterious facebook profile but I just can't figure out who he is.

denaje said...

I did, I did. I resurrected my account just long enough to write my script and download the pictures. Never fear, for I am back off again. Both accounts. :)