Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving Madness

It's been a busy Thanksgiving break but it's been far too short. For the more visual types, what follows is a summary of my escapades in easy-to-read bulleted form:

  • Avoided eating far too much food on Thanksgiving Day
  • Managed to win 2 out of 3 Euchre games
  • Completely avoided shopping or going out of the house the day after Thanksgiving...Ugh, I hate black Friday...too many people.
  • Spent some quality time with Lester and Li-Li
  • Fixed up Debris all nice. She now has a new muffler, new tire valve stems, clean windows, and a faint body shop scent.
  • Took a gander at Jupiter and Venus before they disappeared below the neighbor's house. Also saw the Pleiades and figured out how the eyepiece filters are supposed to be used.
  • Saw Quantum of Solace again. It was better the second time.
  • Saw the new Star Trek movie trailer again. It was worse the second time.
  • Did a smidgeon of homework. Just a smidgeon. I managed to raise my first World Lit exam grade from a C to a B- and do all the reading in that class up to Wednesday. Add to that a little bit of Math Stats take home (like, a 1/3 of it), and I'm happy with the work I got done. I will regret it later this week though...
  • Listened to country.

    Now I feel that I need to explain this one. Make no mistake: in no way at all am I now a fan of country music. Call me a heretic if you want, but I felt the need to branch out and remove some prejudices in my life, and one of the biggest prejudices is toward that twangy-let's-talk-about-my-girl-my-dog-my-tractor-and-every-sad-thing-that-can-possibly-happen-to-me-until-you're-sick-of-it style country music that I loathe so much. (My prejudices are not completely removed, as you can maybe tell.) A friend and I traded country and screamo for a short time, and I think it's been good for me. Mostly. I caught myself using certain...contractions...and other non-sensical words that I shan't be sayin'. So ya'll just need to fergive me now if ya start hearin' me sayin' things like that. Ahem. Allow me to turn on some Demon Hunter...ahhh, that's better. :) They always make me smile.

Um, for fear of losing my last few readers because this post is too long, I shall end it now. Feel free to quote me on anything I've said.

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Robert said...

Props for listening to country. Not my first choice of listening, but I have to admit some of those guitarists are amazing (not all inclusive tho)