Monday, March 30, 2009

DM Spring Break 2009 - Days 4-9

So, I got so busy I didn't post anything. Sorry about that. The rest of the week working at DiscipleMakers went really well. I felt kinda left out for a day or two because Jeremy and Noah were making progress on the wireless but I didn't have anything useful to work on. But fortunately I was assigned another project; I created a simple portal system for their open guest wireless network that forces users to agree to a terms of service before using the network. This will prevent the staff from unknowingly logging onto the wrong network, inform guests that they are using DiscipleMakers' internet connection, and log basic stats such as their MAC address and time of access in case this information needs to be looked up. Because of delayed upgrades, the server we were going to deploy this on will be replaced in the near future, so the portal will be installed on the new server, once it's in place. Unfortunately I won't get to see the end result, but it should still happen. (Provided I documented enough...hehe)

On Friday we headed up to Morris, PA (not the one you'd find on Google Maps) for the annual DM Men's Conference. The scenery was beautiful! There were mountains everywhere, and we were in just about the most rural, rustic place you can possibly imagine. Nothing but mountains and trees for miles surrounding our conference location. Plus there were horses and farm cats, and a cool Victorian mansion where we ate meals. I have pictures of all of this, which I will post here tomorrow. It's too late to transfer files now, for I have an urgent need to sleep.

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