Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Post-Easter Break

I was told when I got back that I missed the best break to stay at Taylor. I find that really hard to believe, because I had an awesome time in Ohio. My girlfriend and I drove up to her house Thursday evening and took it slow to stop for ice cream on the way. When we finally got there, the rest of the weekend was packed with things to do. I helped with baking in the kitchen pretty much all day Saturday and her brother took myself and her roommate's brothers out shooting that afternoon. I can now add a semi-automatic rifle and an old pistol to the list of things I've shot now (I think it makes three). The next morning was spent riding their horse, Max, who made me just about as sore as I've ever been. It was also the first time riding Western as far as I can remember. I then got to meet her extended family for a second time and had far too much good food to eat. And of course, no homework got done whatsoever...not until Monday after I recovered my sleep and had the whole day to devote to homework in the library.

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Robert said...

You make me want to go shooting again sometime. Summer can't come soon enough!

Sounds like you had an awesome easter!