Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Due to increasing demands for a blog (okay, one demand so far...), and because I'd rather have a blog than write Facebook notes constantly, and so that all my non-Facebook compadres can read my notes...wait, who on this great ball doesn't have Facebook by now!?

<!> Before I go any further, allow me to direct those who do not know to this wonderful site called Facebook. It basically lets people stalk you to no end and find out everything about you, all on a single, easy-to-scrape page. But of course, who cares about privacy anymore, right? </sarcasm>

Oops. I realize I left my first paragraph as an incomplete thought. Sorry! So essentially when I feel like writing something amazing (or not so amazing) and want the whole world (or my grand total of 3 readers) to know, I'll click the little link that says "New Post". And write a post. And then you read it. And then we go on with our lives, and I am thoroughly satisfied with wasting 5 minutes of yours. How cool is that?

Oh yes, also allow me to direct you over to the right-hand side of your screen, under the text that says "Subscribe To". Today's special: RSS feeds for your convenience (yes YOUR convenience, because I care so much about it!). Note the lack of an end sarcasm tag here. Because I really do care so much about it. Anyways, add it to your Google homepage or what-have-you. Leave comments and stuff to make me feel special. Or leave money, that's even better. Or leave top-end computer parts, that's still better.


Hannah Rose said...

Welcome, Jesse!

Robert said...

Blogs are a much better way to keep up with friends than facebook.